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Stve Walker, artist, male figurative art, male nudes, acrylic paintings

Steve Walker

(1962 - 2012)


Walker said he experienced many small rewards during the creative process. "After hours of painting, I stand back and look at something that wasn't there before -- a hand, face, or piece of fabric will exist where there was once a blank canvas," he said. As an artist, Walker said it's exciting to be working at a point in history where there is an audience ready to appreciate and consume his creations. "It is very rare to find success as an artist in your lifetime," he said. "My work will be around long after me, but seeing it affect people at the time that I am creating it is very rewarding." In recent years Steve Walker's work has been exhibited in galleries in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Wilton manors, and Key West. 

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