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Maciel Cantemo doing a commission


So you have this idea, concept for a painting or drawing done by an artist and would like to know if it can be done. 


The answer is "YES"!!!! 


Maciel Cantelmo accepts commissions and have done lots of them already. He will be glad to hear about it, so just send us an

 e-mail describing your idea. 


After discussing your idea with the Maciel and it turns out to be something you both want to take on, he’ll price the project for you – based on his other originals. He will then send you a commission sales agreement outlining mutually agreed upon terms such as costs, materials, timeline, and delivery. Once you have returned the signed agreement to him, along with a 50% deposit.

Once agreement is signed and deposit is received, he will begin work on your commissioned work and at this time the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Upon completion of the commissioned work full payment will be due (you may make additional payments prior if you wish). Finally, he will package the original safely, insure it, and ship it off to you.

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