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Artist Maciel Cantelmo, male nudes, oil paintings, drawings, pastels,male figurative artworks

Maciel Cantelmo

Graphite on Paper, Oil on Canvas 

Born in 1964, in Alcantara, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and working in the family business for many years, Maciel moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. 

At fifteen I became aware of other artists, and I was influenced by their brush strokes, styles, colors, perspective, structure, form, etc.  Each one offered me a new vision of what was in their minds and spirit. Each one made me see and feel the world differently. That difference, is what I feel when I am drawing or painting, for it's my refuge, my escape, my world.

"It's just incredible to see light and color filling the space of a piece of paper or a canvas. The variations of shadows, tones of a black and white drawing with pencil or charcoal, or the vibrancy and intricacy of warm and cold colors dancing side by side and displaying what I see."

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