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Artist Antonio Ugarte, male figurative art,male nudes, erotic, oil paintings, mixed media

Antonio Ugarte

Acrylics and Mixed Media

 Antonio Ugarte, Venezuelan born, is a neo-figurative artist who belongs to a generation of painters that have appeared on the local artistic scene since the beginning of the eighties. He used to explore an aesthetic treatment on the surface of the canvas and, at the same time, a significant element with mysteriously connotations left behind the surface to be discovered by the observer. His pictorial surface is strongly active and dynamic. The vibrating, almost calligraphic brush strokes express an implicit movement in the depths of the canvas and spirit. 

    Consequently the spectator is not facing a cliché but the essence or anything else that attracted the attention of the artist. In this created situation the painting acquires a profoundly intimate character. Facing the work the viewer behaves like a "voyeur” that glimpses the domestic reality through the small orifice of a window and can dig in his interior to see that which seems accessible but it is not, because it is a reflection of himself. The mystery seems to be implicit in the vibrant colors. Ugarte's recent paintings are an Impressionist revival in a modern form of figurative art.

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