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Brian Crede, artist,male figurative art,male nudes,erotic art, 3D paper art, wire art

Brian Crede

3D Paper and Wire

      Originally from New York City, I recently relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. As an artist, I've always had a fascination with the mediums of paper and three-dimensional art. 

        My work has been labeled constructionist. The majority of my artwork consists of cut and layered paper, a style I derived from my hands-on experience with airbrushing. My palette is either black and flesh-tones; shades of white, beige, and brown; or vivid pure colors. The art works are shallow 3-dimensional constructions and the interaction of light and the movement of the viewer causes the shadows to change – creating a somewhat kinetic piece of art. I have also worked with appliqued fabric to create this subtle graphic effect, without the dimensionality of the cut and layered papers. Examples of this style are found in my pillows and the double canvas.

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