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artist Phillip Gabrielli,male figurative art,nude paintings,erotic, oil paintings

Phillip Gabrielli

Oil Paintings

Gabrielli paints with the skill seen in the work of the old masters and the insight found in the most provoking of contemporary artists. In his paintings, he pays homage to art history, acknowledging the process of studying traditional masterpieces as a contemporary painter.

In many of Gabrielli's paintings, he represents works of other artists within his own still life. This other work of art thus becomes an object in his painting and therefore interacts with the other elements in that painting, creating an active dialogue between the concepts of art, the elements that make up a work of art and the work of art as an object. His use of humor and wit is also apparent in the inclusion of odd juxtapositions, such as an apple on the shelf echoing the round forms of a nude in the "painting within the painting" that hangs on the wall of the piece. Thus, the "actual" objects in the still life seem to react to or comment on the work of art represented in the painting, sometimes in surprising ways

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