Jorge magaldi

Color Pencil and Ink

      JORGE MAGALDI is an Argentine designer currently residing in Cannes (France) and is an architect, graduating in Córdoba, Argentina.
        In his long and fruitful life Mr. Magaldi has practiced his profession as an architect and has also stood out as a set designer for theater plays and operas, furniture and interior furnishings designs.
       An excellent art drawer with refined technique of pastel and colored pencils, Mr. Magaldi makes us penetrate the magic of a secret world, full of suggestive images that reveal his worldly and a tireless traveler profile, and collector of experiences and adventures that are the theme of his artistic work.
    About to turn 81, he has just completed a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in France, the theme his thesis being “The relationship between Architecture and Dance”
      In the 1980’s, he opened his interior architecture office in Paris, doing work for the Emir of Kuwait and residential furnishings in New York.
        In Venezuela he stood out as a set designer and costume designer for operas directed by Gian Carlo del Monaco; in Caracas he works as set designer for a theater group “Rajatablas”, promoting a period of the flowering of the theatrical scene in this city.
       Mr. Magaldi has worked several years in the country of Monaco, in an architectural firm restoring residences in the Maritime Alps.
    He was Chair Professor of “Plastic Art II” at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the National University of Cordoba, Argentina
       In Puerto Rico he was part of the staff of the filming of “Step away”, a documentary narrated by Orson Welles and Ricardo Montalban about the Pan American Games (1979).
       Also in Puerto Rico, Mr. Magaldi created the line brand “Menudo”, a furniture line for teenagers, commissioned by the Maeramen factory.
      In his hometown, Cordoba, he set up a fabric design and printing business.
     He was invited to the Nanci (France) theater festivals, where he received an award, and at Manizales (Colombia), where writer Gabriel Garcia Marques proposes to work with him for film setting.
       Mr. Magaldi toured Bolivia with a theater group directed by Carlos Giménez, putting on shows for miners and indigenous groups.
      He takes part in the production, direction and assembling several plays  in the San Martin de Cordoba Theater, highlighting Ray Bradbury's “Most Rainy Day of the Year”, with the magnificent performance of Milagros de la Vega, “Numancia”, “ The Chairs”, “The Eagles and The  Trumpets”, “The Imaginary Patient”, “The Innkeeper of Golony”, and “Ubu Rey”. And in Venezuela, “The Tragedy of Don Mendo”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, and the opera “Turandot”.
      Anecdote: During the Argentine Military dictatorship, Mr. Magaldi had to renounce his Chair Professorship at the University of Cordoba, for showing up to teach with high heels in protest of the overwhelming university autonomy and the persecution of homosexuals.
       Because of this episode he had to flee the country to France, where he was given political asylum

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